From the desk of founders


Dr. Anuradha Swayamprakash Gadekar

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a long time ago. So likewise it is my duty to contribute in the well-being of the society in every way possible for me. I believe that big dreams have small beginnings & we can have whatever we are willing to struggle for.

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Vice President

Mr. Aniruddha Sahebrao Pimple

We humans , the most efficient and responsible being of the planet should give back something to society as a sign of greatfullness to the God as we have been blessed with all the amenities and life pleasures .

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Prof. Ghanshyam Tulshiram Kedar

Being the mirror of developing nation, education should be provided to each and every individual of the society. we believe in the power of modern education that can create the model of social entrepreneurship in modern society that focuses on the benefits that society may reap.

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