From the desk of founders

Dr. Anuradha Gadekar,
Dental Surgeon,
PG Diploma in pharmacovigilance & drug safety

Society plays an important role in the lives of each of us. Likewise every struggle in my life has shaped me into a person I am today. I am thankful for the hard times. They could only make me stronger.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a long time ago. So likewise it is my duty to contribute in the well-being of the society in every way possible for me.

I believe that big dreams have small beginnings & we can have whatever we are willing to struggle for.

Thank you Almighty, invisible governance, my parents, my family for continuously inspiring me to do my best. Special thanks to my younger brother, Aniruddha, who is always standing behind me through all my hardships & thanks to my beloved son Bhargav. You help me strive my goals.

Aniruddha Sahebrao Pimple

We humans, the most efficient and responsible being of the planet should give back something to society as a sign of greatfullness to the we have been blessed with all the eminities and life pleasures .According to me there are two most important factors we should focus on to serve the society.first one is wellness of senior citizens and second one is the women empowerment .our organization SWAPNAPOORTI is mainly focussing on these two issues.

Dr.Anuradha Gadekar Founder and Initiator of our organation who has been working as a successful Dental surgon has devoted her life completely to this organisation.Being her brother and family I have decided to be the part of organization and give back something to the society.

From the desk of Aniruddha Pimple